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Thoughts through times least spent

#1 by Garrick , Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:52 pm

As I watch all these events unfold, I continue to think back to a time where I once read a book from a Shadow I happened to be conquering, a poem still stands out in my head.

Her strong enchantments failing,
Her towers of fear in wreck,
Her limbecks dried of poisons
And the knife at her neck,

The Queen of air and darkness
Begins to shrill and cry,
"O young man, O my slayer,
To-morrow you shall die."

O Queen of air and darkness,
I think 'tis truth you say,
And I shall die tomorrow;
But you will die to-day.

This has come to mean many different things to me, but in the end, the very last lines I find are what matter most. Though, I wonder how long it will take before those ghosts realize their already dead.

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