Castle Amber

Night at the sea

#1 by Rabidfirefly , Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:05 pm

Winter flew over the docks of city Amber, the sun setting on the horizon, extinguishing the light into the purple of night; forboding the coming war. Everyone in this family is the same, he would have to thank father for leaving him out of it for so long. Greed, pride, violence, they were the focus of thier actions and thier eventuality. But he felt the same flowing through his own blood. As he saw Jubei standing defiantly against an army, he wanted to tell them all to leave it to him, so he can prove himself. But... It seemed everyone wanted a part of Jubei, so he decided to do nothing.

As Winter approached the rock, he slowed and landed on the top. Here he would wait, this was the least fortified entrance to Amber. He enhanced his hearing and sight to keep himself aware, and focused on his blood.

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