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Spiraling toward Tiae'mon Giaedaeon

#1 by Virgil , Tue May 15, 2012 2:21 am

All good works of men lead them astray. it could be said that such things have led myself far from the course we originally walked however in light of the most recent News that i was given my relatives are not what i had expected. it does not matter however, nothing truly matters any more but then again i am writing this so in a New sense of things i suppose it is important. i shook my head today not that anyone saw or cared, all this struggle all this strife and for what, for a line in the sand. i Am not so far gone that i have forgotten everything i have seen. all of creation all at once all the same, all linking back to one moment and all so very very far astray.

How did all this happen, was it some sort of cosmic fluke that things have fallen into such disrepair that it must end in this manner. i mean how many days are gone Ever more, how many more will pass before tiae'mon giaedaeon. i know, if you are reading this old friend it means that things are far worse then i had always thought. Like i always used to say things only get stranger as time goes on and look at things now so very bizarre to the point i can't remember normalcy anymore. this is Probably caused by a deviation in the grand plan laid down so long ago but then again who am i to question ancient history. its not like this makes any more sense to Me than it did before but then again you have always known how this was going to play out, or did you. i have always wondered that, but then again this is all the Explanation that i was given and likely there will be no more on the subject. well anyway i hope you get this note it always has been good working with you my dear.

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