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#5 Regrowth

#1 by admin , Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:27 am

What defines something as of being of substance? Is it pattern? Is it power? Is it life? Trump.

Who decides what defines a being substance? The Unicorn? The Serpent? The Eagle.

What is trump? Trump is simply the power of Shadow itself, defining all that is by its simple existence.

So then, why has it decided that those it has deemed not of substance to be wiped from existence? What has it decided is of substance? Will even creatures of power become so insignificant that they too will be dismantled?

Everyone is at risk, and it is up to me to find the truth. With the truth I can build the proper case to defend all that is and is not of substance. It is up to me to give voice to the both significant and insignificant life that stretches through out shadow. Destruction is not the answer.

I pray that I can form a triumvirate of power that is great enough to defy the one that defines who we are in existence. If masters of the three powers join together, we will have the strength to overcome most any obstacle.

We will have the power to change the very definition that defines us all.

I just need those that I care for the most to understand that I am doing this to save them.


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