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The Coldest Places, part III

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"sir, the new troops are here." said a fragile looking man, he handed some papers to the woman he was walking with. She was strong looking woman, with eyes of a hawk and a presence of one that is used to command.
"and?" she said, flipping through the papers. The old man fumbled with the papers he had, mumbling to himself.
"Ah, hmm, let's see. Most of them are women, or children with little to no knowledge of battle. Almost all the men of the country are all ready on the battlefield."
"Yea, that's to be expected." she turned towards the new troops. "FALL IN!" they did as they were told, and her advisor was right, the boys were no older than 8 , and the women looked nervously frail. And no more then fifty total. This war was going bad, fast. The seemingly endless ranks of frost giants had already conquered two kingdoms. One of the soldiers caught her eye. And easily so, he had bright blonde hair (rare in and of itself in the country) thin, and also had to have two feet over the rest of the troops, and a head over her own six foot figure. He was young, yes, but how could he had slipped past the draft to this point?

She walked up to him, eying him wearily.
"what's your name, kid?"
"Jason Winter, Sir!"

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