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#1 by Serpentis , Fri Sep 28, 2012 2:08 pm

Stephen and I set sail for an unknown destination. He told me if I kept the ship steady she would stay on course, and he retreated to his cabin to translate a book that would tell us where we were going. He came out a few times to adjust the heading slightly, but nothing major. At one point a man in a hooded robe appeared on board, who I later realized was a copy of Dworkin. He mentioned something about the book... I didn't know what he meant, but apparently it gave Stephen a big enough clue to find our destination.

We arrived at shore, though it was more like the water was no longer a thing this far out in shadow. All that could be seen was red sand everywhere. We left the ship and found some birdlike creatures to ride, though it took several hours to find them... there was a lot of sand. We continued onwards until we reached the end of reality. Even the endless red sand ended, and there was nothing beyond.

Sitting at the edge, and staring into nothingness, was a man named Samax Rax. He is a master in the ways of the Logrus and is a wise and contemplative man. He knew that the Eagle was the one that killed Dworkin, a being of equal import as the Unicorn and the Serpent. Stephen wasn't completely satisfied with the answer, and decided to depart for shadow once more. He suggested I learn what I could from Rax. I told Stephen that without his hellriding I would have no way to get back in time for the war, which is when he told me that the war has already ended.

At this point, I don't care about what happens in Amber. I'm constantly being lied to and left out of important things that are happening. If no one wants to tell me that a massive attack on the castle has started until it has already ended, they obviously don't need my help with anything. I'll stay here and learn what I can from Rax.

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