Castle Amber

Night of refining

#1 by Rabidfirefly , Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:08 pm

Winter walked through the streets of the outskirts of Amber, the streets were eerily quiet. It had been ever since the Eagle made her move. He was followed closely by a man as tall as he with long white hair, and a short girl with a cross weapon on her back.
"I need you two to keep an eye on Amber while I'm gone. I also need you to keep a careful eye on the man I mentioned earlier. Oh and don't forget the secondary objective either. "
"Of course, master." the tall man said with a bow. "What of your cousins?" Winter thought of this for a moment, then his face went solemn.
"It's vital we succeed. I don't exspect them to interfere right here in amber." He stared into the man's eyes with a ferocity previously unseen in Winter. "...but if they do, kill them." the two then bowed, and entered the brown building. Winter left the way he came.

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