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THe Coldest Places, part IV

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This pathetic unit, named the 452nd reserve, marched down a wide canyon of ice. the unit was led by a Captain Adam of Bremen, who; was arguing with apparently the only other man in the unit.
"Captain! we really shouldn't go down this path!" the other man said, looking incredulous.
"And why, Private Winter, the hell should I take your advice? you've never seen combat." the captain said, anger growing.
"I've seen plenty, and more importantly I've seen the casualty reports. The Giants are running a pattern, captain. they're switching between 15 different ambush points to hide it, but i promise you this is where they'll strike next. This valley has a rise in the canyon about 2 miles ahead, we can-"
"Thats enough, Private. you can spout nonsense with all the cooks and potters behind us. Get in line." Winter stared at him a moment, then did what he was told. When he got back, a small woman in far to big armor walked up to him.
"Did he listen to you?" She said.
"No, the idiot is too stuck up to listen. Well even so I'm not going to let everyone here die."
"Are you going to do that thing again?" she said, with a small smile that betrayed her hope for him to save them.
"Yep. I need you to tell the girls to move slow, I'm going to need a little more time." She nodded.

Winter climbed up the icey slope easily, and sprinted ahead. As he exspected, he soon found a group of frost giants, maybe 200, hiding on top of the canyon. he slid on the ice,turning his arm sharp, and stabbed one in the head. This got the attention of the rest, who were more than willing to follow him to where he wanted.

Captain Adam was mumbling to himself, about useless men and useless troops behind him, when he saw something in the distance. As he got closer, he noticed that it was a pile of bodies, blocking the canyon. In front stood Winter, covered in blue blood andsitting on the body of the Giant captain, their flag piercing his head. He just looked in awe.

"Captain, in the name of the All-Father, do you yield to my greater prowess?" Winter said, smiling. Captain Adam stood mouth agaped, then knelt before him.
"I Yield."

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