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I am sure this is one of the few time in history someone is regretting everything moving according to plan. The Amberites are literally just serving themselves to us on a silver platter. How can they not see that this is how it was meant to be? No, I don't know the whole plan, but I know what my purpose was. I was here to break Amber a apart and to make Chaos crumble. Amber is now sufficiently broken. Talwyn is on her way to Chaos to create yet another war. Everything is perfect,


I don't want to be apart of this plan anymore. It is time for a new plan with a better ending.

Lises listens to me. He understands! Garrick has open ears but I fear he is only half on board. Stephen's words make me feel he has seen the light. Terridus is blind with rage and ignorance. Schala is warming up to me. The others I do not have a strong enough feel with them.

Then there is James. I know now, from his comment about my home that he has walked into a terrible trap. Saving Virgil will only do so good anymore. They have a back up, and that doesn't even mean that is their only one. James must be dealt with, for he will be a horrible detriment.

We need to get Virgil back and make a new road to success.

Lises if you listening, get some friends, we are going to kick the door down on this problem.

-Annalee <3

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