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The curse of immortality

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Lises stood, outside, in the cold rain. He stood quietly, rain already having soaked his clothes. He had an umbrella in his hand, however, he held it over Dream. She stood silently as well, wearing a simple black dress and mourner's veil. The two were in a crowd of roughly twenty, staring in respect as men carried a casket towards an empty grave. They each held a torch in one hand, while with the other hand carried the casket. The ritual had to do with preventing evil spirits from entering the body, something to that extent. Inside the casket was Dream's younger sister. Lilu was her name. Dream had left with him just over half a century ago, gaining immortality, and leaving this world. We visited often, but the years continued on, and her sister simply continued to age. She had grown, married and had children and grandchildren, and death came silently to her in sleep.
Despite having seen so many thousands live their entire life 'til its end, he had no words of comfort. Having been immortal his entire life, he could not understand what one would feel granted sudden eternal life, then watching as everyone they knew grew old. Somehow, he felt at fault.
Lilu's husband had called Dream a witch, unable to understand. Dream had only barely managed to convince Lises not to teach the man a lesson. But she was hurt by his words, he could tell so easily. Even Dream's sister grew to some extent to fear her. She eventually grew distant from her family, and after five years away, Dream asked if we could return again, sensing her sister's death. They were not even close to the same shadow, some thing still amazed Lises.
Dream placed her head on Lises' shoulder while he was lost in thought. She moved the umbrella over him, her cold hand grasping his. "Come, don't worry about me. You'll catch a cold staying so long in the rain." Dream looked up at him, and he continued to stare forward as the men began shoveling dirt into the hole.
"You know that I won't." Lises said solemnly. Dream continued to stare at him, noticing something wrong. Lises eventually turned to look at her. "Do you regret coming with me? If you hadn't left, you could have stayed with your sister, lived and grew old with her, living a peaceful life."
Dream placed a finger on his lips, and smiled lightly. "Don't go there, Love. I regret none of the time I've spent traveling with you. I've seen so much that I couldn't have imagined before."
Lises smiled, and took her hand. The two looked back and watched the rest of the burial in silence.

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