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#1 by admin , Mon Oct 22, 2012 2:14 pm

So, we did it. We successfully freed Virgil the claws of the Eagle.

That should feel good right?

Then why do I have this horrid churning feeling in my stomach?

Oh yeah, that is right. I just basically just said a huge fuck you to my family and the being that is the reason for my existence really. Never have I ever disrespected my mother so greatly.

I do feel like what I did was right. Virgil needed to be taken away from the Eagle. It was necessary to show them that I am serious. They must know this by now, but at the same time, that screech still made my heart break. I am actively bringing harm to those that I care about the most. It is not something I want to do, but it is something that must be done to stop the destruction.

So now I stand here, away from my family. Separated by rebellion.

Where do I stand then?

With the Amberites? Most of them don't trust me. A few might even actively hate me. I feel like this burden that has been dropped in their hands. A few have just accepted me as being there.

So where do I stand?

For now, it will be on my own. Well, aside from Cullen. out of all the Amberites, he doesn't make me feel like an outsider.

Until I can get forgiveness for my actions and are able to get my family to understand as I do, I will stand for my own.

-Annalee <3

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