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#1 by tykiran , Tue Oct 23, 2012 3:50 am

We somehow managed it. A bit rough around the edges, but every went how I thought it would. Exactly how I thought it would, almost to the letter. Things that go so smoothly, rarely end well. Perhaps, but we'll see. I need to speak to Virgil now, I'm sure he's busy undoing his own work. At least I hope so. I'm tired, but Stephen will undoubtedly be calling me soon to help him. A hero's work is never done. I hope we get lucky again, like we did with Virgil. That's what Schala says anyways.

But she's the lucky one, lucky Winter was close enough to pull her back. I can imagine a thousand things that could have happened, none of them good.

Her disregard for her own safety is getting worse, she has to be the next one to be fixed, or at least evened out, before she does something to hurt herself further than I can help.

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