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Night of Action

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Winter hurried out of Tenebrae, what he needed couldn't be done here. he found what he needed quickly, and began to write.

Dear Renee,
My name is Winter, your cousin, we met briefly once. your dead, and just in my body. I was the one to kill you. If you con't understand my reason and kill me when your finished, their will be no blame, as the dead you have the right over my life. but let me tell you my reason; your cousins were going to revive you, and i believe that isn't what you want. You we willing to accept your punishment, and i did not want to see your honorable defeat tainted. But i risked my life to bring you back temporarily because i feel we need you to fight the Eagle. He is a real creature, like the unicorn and serpant, and he desires the destruction of all reality. Your sisters bridget and Talwin are infected, and I believe Gerard and Elmdor is as well. Please do what you can to save the reality.


There, hopefully she'll cooperate. This way everyone that matters get what they want. Except Terridus, he can woe over his selfish needs to shove his responsibility elsewhere.

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