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Lises held his book open, with quill in hand, slowly editing the page he was on. So, Schala had a sister. Moreso than his other cousins that he has yet to meet, he wanted to speak to her. Was she broken as badly as Schala had been? He doubted it. The hand knew more of the drawing than his mind, and it was creating someone of quiet patience and... something hidden. Hatred? Nothing so strong. Perhaps curiosity. He had so much he had to do, but could not hold the desire to know this new creature. He finished and took in the trump he just drew. He could call her now, and... no, that would have to wait. Simply drawing it for now would have to do. He needed to get in touch with Virgil. To find out what he new about the one who controlled him, and about... Elmdor. Maybe going strait to the source on that one would be unwise. At the very least, Virgil could confirm or deny his suspicions. He fliped the page of his book and began to draw again.

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