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The Coldest Places, part VI

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This was the end of it, then? Would there finally be peace? What was his opponent fighting so hard for?

Winter stood at the castle keep of the frost giant's capital. He had sealed the gates, and single handy killed the entire city. Blood was everywhere, it Looked as if there was a small flood of red water, and he heard the horse cry of a small child in the distance. What had he done? He never even tried to coexist. Humanity was all but wiped out, a single city standing. Winter limped towards the sound of the crying child. He had never been injured this badly, he had stopped his bleeding with shapeshifting but the wounds would take time. He caught sight of the child, it was a frost giant child. They weren't too different, them and I. As he approached the child, it spotted him, pulling a sword out from a sheath of a nearby dead (winter assumed it was the boy's father) and leveled it at him quivering. Winter froze. All he could think was of when his own mother died, he had become the monster he hated. He fell to the ground, and the child staggered back.
"I have wronged you, I was blind. In the name of the gods I offer up my life to you, the only payment I can give for my crimes." The boy stared at him and started crying again.
"That's not fair! I don't want you dead, I want my parents alive again! Bring them back!" the boy dropped the sword at that point and began to wail uncontrolably. It was then that he sensed the magic of the Bifrost, and with a flash of light a winged woman clad in armor appeared behind the child.
"The powers of Asgard have heard your words, king Winter, and have decided to eradicate the remaining frost giants."
"NO!" Winter screamed, as The woman thrusted her sword into the boy.

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