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The Truth is simply a gateway to what it hides

#1 by Garrick , Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:43 pm

The foundation... Such brilliance, such irregularities, such... Fortune. The underlying choices of social mandates, yet I know. I know the way. The ballistic path to understanding, the fountain of youth to communication. It is with this understanding that I hold victory within my grasp, the falsehoods of enigmatic pariahs surround us in little more than shadowed visions of dementia, yet they hold no bar to my journey. No man can stand in my way, no barrier, no wall, no fortress of explainable thought may hinder me... At least not by choice. It are these choices that bind us, that force us into limitations that guide our every motion. Choose not to stand in my way, choose not to bar my path, but choose to live. Choose to embrace the possibilities, the abnormalities that cascade down this waterfall we call compromise. By choosing not to choose, by opening your mind to possibility, to limitlessness, you may stand before me. It is in this that you can finally see me, to bar my path if you wish... To see... The pedestal I sit upon. I await you

-- Garrick in argument with the graces.

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